Leader of the 20th anniversary celebration of deweys
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Distinguished leaders and guests; Dear members of the deweys family:
Good afternoon! (applause.) in October, a season of golden autumn harvest ushered in the 20th anniversary of Daisy's company. In this happy day, the example elite is full of friends, new friends together. Here, my heart with gratitude, with 20 years give Davis love company leaders at all levels, every partner, as well as the company pay hard work all Davis people together, share the glory and dream of belongs to everyone. (applause.)
Zhejiang DAVIS Industrial Company
First of all, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express our interest to all of you here
Thank you and warm welcome! (applause.)
20 years of the same boat, 20 years together, 20 years of careful management, 20 years carrying dream. Daisy grew from a toddler to a young man of blood. There is not a batch of devi people's passion and innovation hard work; There is no strong support from leaders at all levels; No new and old customers and partners' drooping love; There is no Daisy today. At this moment, I to the identity of the chairman of the board of directors of the company, with a grateful heart, to the 20 years we care, support, care and fostering leadership, colleagues, friends once again said thank you deeply!
Thank you! (applause) at the same time, I express my deep sympathy and heartfelt thanks to the new and old staff who have been dedicating to devi. (applause.)
Looking back 20 years, we deweys people with dogged perseverance and firm conviction,
Step by step, forge ahead, step by step a footprint. After 20 years
To develop, we have achieved a certain score: from several people in the early stage of business development to the present
In the regulation of enterprises; Became a nationally recognized eyebrow pencil manufacturing experts, jinhua famous trademark, the company's own brand more than 70% of the total output of the plant, export many countries around the world, and the vast majority of consumer recognition. However, in the face of achievement, we never feel superior, only sense of crisis and sense of urgency. In the face of a large increase in the cost of domestic labor and raw material, labor-intensive production enterprises must realize industrial chain upgrading. The company put a lot of money into advanced production equipment to improve the competitiveness of the company. In this rapidly changing information society, there are still countless difficulties and new challenges to be overcome before us. In the long river of time, 20 years is just a wave, for Daisy enterprise, like a boat, not to go back. Today's Daisy still needs us to deal with challenges with full passion.
We have a solid foundation, our faith, dreams, 20 years, numerous metamorphosis Davis is complete, however, just time and quantity, the same is our share of the principle and the faith of the heart! In the last two years, deweys has made a series of changes in the production and sales, so that every employee can join the family. To ensure that each employee has both physical and mental health, and can earn money, and also realize his life value!
In addition to our staff, with Daisy, we also have every partner in this room! We always pursue and never stop! Today is our common birthday, yes
It belongs to all of us. I'm sure there will be more friends in 20 years.
To witness the rise and dream of Daisy! (applause.)
Finally, under the guidance of xi jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Daisy will be better tomorrow! (applause) at the same time I wish you good health, good work and good luck. I wish today's celebrations a complete success.
Thank you! (applause.)